Here at The National Property Draw our mission is a simple one. To change people’s lives for the better through the opportunity of winning incredible prize draws and supporting the many deserving charities within the United Kingdom.  

Every time you enter a draw you make it possible for us to bring you incredible opportunities and give us the chance to raise much-needed funds for charity. It’s an old saying but a true one, there is no I in team and we believe when we all come together, we have the opportunity to make some pretty incredible things happen.  

The concept for The National property draw has been years in the making and started with one person’s simple idea, and there should be more opportunities in life for everyone. From that idea the concept of our Property, Special Events & Lifestyles draws were born.

With opportunities such as owning your own home, putting your children through university, enjoying the wedding of your dreams, starting a business and travelling the world, these ideas were all centred around the everyday struggles that will touch most peoples lives.

The incredible part of The National Property Draw is when you tell someone about it for the first time, you watch them take in all the information and once you have finished explaining, you see them come to life with excitement, it automatically inspires people and they cannot help but start to generate ideas about what else it could do, and for us that is a beautiful thing to see.

Through one person’s idea and unwavering enthusiasm to create a business with such incredible possibilities that could support charity in a big way, quickly led to what is now an incredibly tight-knit team whom without their dedication and belief in the concept of The National Property Draw would not exist today.

To everyone who has been on this very long road with us from the beginning, we can only say thank you for your time, belief, passion and unwavering dedication.