My Dream Build


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My Dream Build

    Prize Breakdown - T&Cs apply

  • Land/Plot Purchase and associated costs £200,000
  • Building Costs and associated costs £600,000
  • Decorating & Furnishing £25,000
  • Curry’s PC World Gift Card £25,000
  • Marks & Spencer Gift Card £25,000
  • Subaru Forester £31,250
  • Cash £100,000


Designing and building your dream home is an accomplishment in life, but unfortunately, sometimes it remains just that, a dream. Building your own home will often come with a heavy financial commitment and no matter how well you plan and budget for it there are always those unexpected costs which can throw the project off and sometimes bring it to a complete halt. Searching for your perfect plot and designing your dream home should be a time of opportunity and immense excitement, not one of stress and disappointment. The My Dream Build competition has been designed to remove the financial burden associated with building your own home and speed up the timeline so you can stop dreaming it and start to live it.

It’s time for you to hit the road and discover the perfect location for your dream build which is why we have put a package together to cover your solicitors’ costs, land tax and the purchase of your ideal plot. When searching for the perfect plot you need to think outside the box, there are plenty plots that come with planning permission, but there are also pieces of land that are perfect for development that may not have been advertised yet. You could also consider plots with an existing building that's in poor condition, this type of plot would already have services and may offer the possibility to demolish the existing house and replace it with your dream home. Once you have identified the area you would like to be in, take a drive or even better walk around your preferred cities, towns or villages to get a feel for the area and scope out potential building plots. You can also take advantage of Google Maps and street view to identify potential plots that could be ripe for development. Whether you choose to google it, drive it or both, we think your hunt for the perfect plot will be even more enjoyable with a possible £200,000 at the ready to purchase.

Once you have purchased your perfect plot in your perfect location, it’s time to start thinking about building your dream home on it. We are going to give you the chance to put £600,000 towards the cost of planning, architects and materials so you can get to work on building the house of your dreams. We don’t all want to live in a pre-existing house and everyone has their tastes and ideas of what makes a property perfect for them which is why building your own home is so exciting, you won't have the constraints of an original buildings layout and architectural type. With so many potential options from a stylish contemporary house, a character barn-style build, a beautiful timber-clad cabin, an environmentally friendly woodland retreat, an idyllic countryside cottage or maybe a modern kit home that can be erected in weeks, you are only limited by your imagination. Whatever your style and design preferences, whether you opt for an expansive bustling city or the majestic countryside with its rolling hills, without the worry of a mortgage hanging over your head and changing interest rates we can only imagine how excited the winner of this draw will be to finally build their dream home.

Once you have built your property, you will want to decorate and furnish it to put your stamp on it and we all know that when you begin costs can quickly start to mount which is why we're going to give you the chance to enjoy £25,000 to style your new build to your taste. From colour schemes, paint and wallpaper, custom made sofas and seating, dining table sets that will fit all the family, kitchen dressers and islands, beds, mattresses and custom-fitted wardrobes. We think with £25,000 to spend you will be happy with the result.

As well as a decorating and furnishing budget you are also going to need home appliances and technology to complete your new property which is why you will have the chance to enjoy £25,000 to complete your home and make it fully functional with Curry’s PC World. From American fridge-freezers, microwaves, coffee machines, range cookers, washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, small kitchen appliances, cookware and bakeware, gardening tools as well as all your televisions, audio and computing tech, we could go on forever but we are sure you will be able to kit out your home perfectly with such an incredible budget.

Enjoy the chance to shop till your heart's content with one of the nation's most recognisable and loved brands, Marks & Spencer. Save the money you would normally spend on your groceries with up to £25,000 worth of M&S gift cards to cover two years of grocery shopping. Discover the outstanding range of seasonal produce such as strawberries and raspberries that are grown by M&S select farmers right here in Great Britain. Take a break and enjoy the top-notch Brazilian single-origin coffee with a sweet treat or stop in for a hearty breakfast or speedy lunch. Enjoy easy entertaining with freshly baked products from the in-store bakery, as well as the tasty dine-in deals for two or family feast. Throw a stress-free party in a hurry with the tasty food-to-order or treat someone special to a perfect afternoon tea. While there are many exciting things we love about the festive season, shopping for food is not always one of them, reignite your passion for festive food with Marks & Spencer's incredible Christmas offering. Go all out during the festive season and be the envy of your guests with the perfect festive canapés, bite-size snacks and sweet treats. Order your delicious Christmas and new year food online and enjoy a stress-free holiday. Whatever the occasion is you can be sure Marks & Spencer has you covered because let's be honest, it's not just food, its M&S food.

As if all of that wasn’t exciting enough you will also have the opportunity to enjoy new adventures with your brand-new Subaru Forester worth £31,250 with our nominated dealer. The Forester is a tough, practical and light SUV that’s smooth and responsive to drive, impressively capable off-road and comes with standard four-wheel drive that’s renowned for its dependability. The Forester offers impressive build quality, comfortable interior with generous space for long journeys, heated front seats and reclining rear seats add to the vehicles comfort, and the dark carbon-look instrument panel trim adds to the quality. The Forester also offers standard features such as DAB Digital radio, steering wheel mounted audio controls, Subaru infotainment and audio system with 6 speakers, 17" alloy wheels, 4.3" LCD multi-information display, adaptive cruise control, reversing camera, SI-Drive intelligent mode & sport mode, speed-sensitive power steering, automatic LED headlights with auto leveliser, voice recognition and start/stop system to name just a few. Whatever the weather, wherever you want to go, this workhorse will get you there. It’s calm, understated and up for any challenge. Your new vehicle will come with the manufacturer’s warranty and one year’s road tax.

Lastly, we are going to give you the chance to enjoy a whopping £100,000. Bank it, spend it, the choice is entirely yours, but whatever you do enjoy it!

Please Note

This competition is subject to the National Property Draws Terms & Conditions. *Prizes are not guaranteed. The actual prize will depend on the number of competition entries sold as explained in our Terms & Conditions. The prize values listed above are estimates only and are subject to a minimum of 65% of the available entries to the competition being sold. If less than 65% of available competition entries are sold, the guaranteed prize value will be equivalent to 65% of the total revenue actually received from competition entries (less administration fees). **There is a £0.25p admin fee that will be added to the basket at checkout. This is a one-off fee per purchase and not per entry. Multiple products may make up the prize and there is only one winner per draw.

Descriptions of goods or services are accurate to the best of our knowledge. Images of goods or services shown are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product.  We do not warrant that product descriptions or other content on this site is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. We reserve the right to correct errors and omissions as soon as we become aware of them. The National Property Draw provides no warranty or guarantees with products unless expressly stated and it is the winner’s responsibility to check with the product manufacturer. The National Property Draw accepts no responsibility when it comes to the safety of goods/services.  It is the winner’s responsibility to satisfy themselves with the safety of goods/services.

In addition to the National Property Draws Terms & Conditions, there are also Competition Terms & Conditions for each competition which are set out below.


My Dream Build Property Draw Competition Notice


Opening Date :

12.00 (GMT) on TBC


Closing Date :

The earlier of (i) 12.00 (GMT) on TBC or (ii) when the Maximum Number of Paid Entries have been received across all draws.
Please note that if the Maximum Number of Paid Entries for this competition has been received before the Closing Date, it will not be possible to purchase more entries.


Minimum Number of Paid Entries :

227,500 (two hundred twenty seven thousand five hundred) paid entries received (and not rejected) by the Promoter.
This is the minimum number of paid entries for this competition that must be received by the Promoter for the full prize to be awarded.


Maximum Number of Paid Entries :

The first 350,000 (three hundred fifty thousand) paid entries received (and not rejected) by the Promoter.


Price of Competition Entry :

£5.75 and an administration fee of £0.25p per transaction.


Property Prize :

Provided the Minimum Number of Paid Entries is met:
  • Land/Plot Purchase and associated costs £200,000
  • Building Costs and associated costs £600,000
  • Decorating & Furnishing £25,000
  • Curry’s PC World Gift Card £25,000
  • Marks & Spencer Gift Card £25,000
  • Subaru Forester £31,250
  • Cash £100,000


Estimated Value of Property Prize :

Maximum of £1,006,250 based on the Minimum Number of Paid Entries. 

If the minimum number of paid entries for this competition is not met, the prize awarded will be equivalent to 65% of the total paid entries monetary value received by the Promoter (excluding administration fees).


NPD Nominated Charity :

SUPPORT DOGS LIMITED, a charity incorporated and registered in England with company number 04190624 whose registered charity number is 1088281 and having its registered office at i21 Jessops Riverside, Brightside Lane, Sheffield S9 2RX.


Charitable Donation :

The actual amount payable to the NDP Nominated Charity will depend on the number of paid entries received (and not rejected) by the Promoter. However, the amount will be either:
  • £704,375 if the Maximum Number of Paid Entries is met; or
  • Seventy per cent (70%) of total entry sales (not including administration fees) after the competition prize value (calculated in accordance with the applicable Competition terms and conditions) has been deducted.


Competition Terms & Conditions


  • The winner will require the appropriate licenses to drive or tow the vehicles that form part of the prize.
  • If the winner does not have the correct class of licence to drive any of the vehicles that form the prize, then it will be the winner’s responsibility to obtain the appropriate license.
  • Delivery timescales of the Subaru Forester may vary depending on your chosen specifications. As a general guide please allow up to nine months from order to completion.
  • Unless expressly stated vehicle tests, insurance, fuel, vehicle taxes and maintenance packages are not included in the prize.
  • Unless expressly stated all vehicles will require the customer to collect them from our nominated suppliers.
  • The National Property Draw expressly prohibits the resale of all vehicles that form part of the prize within 6 months of the winner taking delivery.
  • If the winner resells any vehicle that forms part of the prize within 6 months of the winner taking delivery the winner will be liable to return the full value of the original vehicle prize.
  • The winner can customise their Subaru Forester up to a certain value where expressly stated.
  • If the winner fails to spend the full amount on their vehicle no cashback will be given for the remainder of funds.
  • Your details will be passed to our nominated suppliers for them to contact you to arrange the build of the vehicles.



  • It is the winner’s responsibility to check the following information which includes but is not limited to
  • Gift Cards/Vouchers may only be used by the winner. It is the winner’s responsibility to check the terms & conditions of each retailers Gift Card/Voucher.
  • A Gift Card/Voucher may require activation before you can use it. You may be required to register with the supplier of the Gift Card/Voucher to activate it.
  • Gift Cards/Vouchers can only be used in the UK. It is the winner’s responsibility to check if the Gift Cards/Vouchers can be used instore, online or both.
  • Gift Cards may be allocated as physical Gift Cards or Online Vouchers. The Value of the Gift Card/Voucher may be supplied in multiple lower value individual Gift Cards/Vouchers rather than just one.
  • It is the winner's responsibility to check there are no charges associated with using the Gift Card/Voucher, you will be able to find this information in the retailer's Terms & Conditions.
  • The Gift Card/Voucher may be cancelled or voided by the retailer if you do not comply with their company's terms and conditions.
  • Gift Cards/Vouchers are not Credit, Debit, Cheque Guarantee or Charge Cards, they are treated like cash and If your Gift Card/Voucher is lost, damaged or stolen it will not be replaced or refunded.
  • You cannot use Gift Cards/Vouchers to buy further Gift Cards/Vouchers with any retailer. Gift Cards/Vouchers cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash.
  • Each Gift Card/Voucher has an expiry period, it the winner’s responsibility to check when the period starts and how long the Gift Card/Voucher is valid for.
  • It is the winner’s responsibility to check whether the Gift Card/Voucher can be used as full or part payment.
  • Resale of any Gift Cards/Vouchers provided to the winner is strictly prohibited.
  • Gift Cards/Voucher will be issued in Great British Pounds unless otherwise stated.
  • Gift Cards/Vouchers are subject to availability. If a Gift Card/Voucher is unavailable for any reason you will receive the original amount in cash instead.
  • The National Property Draw take no responsibility for the products and services offered by the Gift Card/Vouchers associated retailer.
  • Physical Gift Cards/Vouchers may require a signature on delivery, it is the winner’s responsibility to make themselves available for such a delivery.
  • The National Property Draw take no responsibility for failed or missed deliveries. Gift Cards/Vouchers may be delivered over multiple deliveries.
  • Online Gift Vouchers may require your email address to send you the Gift Voucher. The National Property Draw take no responsibility for the security of Gift Card/Vouchers sent via email delivery.
  • The winner acknowledges that once in transit or sent via email delivery that The National Property Draw is no longer responsible for the delivery of any Gift Card/Voucher.



  • The winner must provide a UK registered bank account.
  • The bank account will be verified to transfer any cash prize directly to the winner.


*The prize values listed are estimated and are subject to a minimum of 65% of sales from available entries.

The guaranteed prize value for sales under 65% of available entries will be equivalent to 65% of the total revenue from sales achieved.

There is a £0.25p admin fee that will be added to the basket at checkout, this is a one-off fee that is applicable per purchase not per entry.

Multiple products make up the prize and only one winner per draw.