Sail Away


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Sail Away

    Prize Breakdown - T&Cs apply

  • Cruise Holidays £120,000
  • Cash £80,000


In keeping with the NPD’s vision of including our winners in the design and customisation process of products where possible, you will have the opportunity to work with our nominated travel supplier to tailor-make your next cruising experience. If you have destination’s you dream of visiting, there will be a cruise ship that will get you there. Cruise ships visit destinations all over the world such as the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Australia, America, the Far East, Alaska and Antarctica. With cruising, you remove the stress of travel arrangements, and you can enjoy the convenience of lodging, dining, entertainment, tours & excursions while visiting different exotic destinations without having to pack and unpack, change hotels or hop from airport to airport. Cruising is the perfect, stress-free way to see the world. The expert travel team will also help you take care of the finer details such as airport and hotel transfers to get you to where you need to be without the worry, concierge services such as dinner reservations, spa treatments or excursions and day trips to help you plan your itinerary and make the most of your chosen destinations. You will have the chance to spend £120,000 on one incredible cruise of a lifetime or on multiple cruises, whichever option you choose we're sure you are going to make memory's that will last a lifetime with this incredible prize.

Whether you are a first-time cruiser or a frequent cruiser, the sheer volume of cruise options can be daunting, from which type of cruise to take, what size of ship would suit you best, where you would like to cruise and for how long are just some of the questions you need to answer. The most important things to consider is what you expect from your cruise and what you need it to offer you. For example, if you have a family with kids the bigger cruise liners are a perfect choice as they offer facilities such as family-friendly staterooms and suites with additional sleeping arrangements, waterslides, pools, surf machines, kids clubs, rock climbing, games, onboard activities such as cooking and crafting as well as child friendly excursions. Carnival Cruises and Royal Caribbean are two great examples of family-focused cruise liners.

If you are a couple looking for a romantic getaway or simply a chance to relax, then an adult-only cruise may be the perfect choice for those looking for a quieter escape. Adult only cruises guarantee a peaceful and relaxing exploration of the seas as well as offering stylish surroundings, elegant accommodation and facilities tailored towards an adult client. The onboard activities and entertainment are tailored around relaxation. An adult-only cruise is a great way to cruise for many reasons; they cater for both couples and singles which makes it perfect for couples to enjoy each other's company as well as for singles to enjoy some me time and switch off and relax. The bonus of an adult-only cruise is you will be able to enjoy many of the same amenities available on the larger family cruise liners as well as adult-specific amenities such as luxurious spa, fine dining restaurants, elegant bars to name a few. Marella Cruises, P&O Cruises and Fred Olsen Cruises are three great examples of cruise lines that provide adult-focused cruises.

For a more intimate cultural focused cruise then Voyages to Antiquity’s Aegean Odyssey may be the perfect cruise for you, it has a mere 378 passenger capacity making it perfect for those who hate navigating crowds but don’t want to lose the amenities that a bigger vessel provides. Aegean Odyssey offers open seated restaurants, several bars and lounges, afternoon tea, room service, a library, spa and lecture theatre as well as the excursion programs there is also the bonus of guest speakers joining each cruise and giving talks tailored to the itinerary. The benefit of a smaller ship is its ability to enter smaller ports and sites that are inaccessible to the larger cruise ships. This ship offers specialised itineraries with an educational focus. Evening entertainment differs from the bigger cruise liners and will typically include lectures, piano bar music and classical trios and concerts. Voyages to Antiquity is perfect for anyone looking for a quieter ship that offers cultural cruises with fellow like-minded passengers.

If you have a sense of adventure and enjoy discovering places off the beaten path, then an exploration cruise is perfect for you. This type of cruise ship is typically smaller than other ships with shallow drafts which allows you to discover unusual and smaller ports as the ship is not restricted to deep-water ports and can access a far broader range of destinations. Marvel at the Norwegian fjords and watch out for the Northern Lights or explore the rainforest surrounding the Amazon. From polar bear watching in the Artic to iguanas in the Galapagos you will not be disappointed with the incredible destinations available as well as the onshore explorations, make sure to pack a camera to capture the rich heritage of these incredible destinations as well as the magnificent wildlife and beautiful scenery.

Next, we move on to the luxury cruise options. With luxury cruises you will have a range of amenities and services, from a vast selection of dreamy destinations, impeccable services, exclusives extras, superior craftsmanship, private balconies, walk-in wardrobes, elegant suites, private butler, exquisite dining and speciality restaurants, unlimited beverages, airport transfers, private overland tours to name just a few. If you are looking for the highest levels of personalised service, worldwide destinations, impeccable facilities and amenities then in our opinion two cruise lines outshine the rest, Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Seabourn, whether you opt for Seabourn or Regent Seven Seas Cruises you can be sure you will experience a luxury cruise of a lifetime.

Lastly, we are going to give you the chance of £80,000 which will allow you to enjoy all your future cruises to the fullest and not worry about spending money.

Please Note

This competition is subject to the National Property Draws Terms & Conditions. *Prizes are not guaranteed.  The actual prize will depend on the number of competition entries sold as explained in our Terms & Conditions. The prize values listed above are estimates only and are subject to a minimum of 85% of the available entries to the competition being sold. If less than 85% of available competition entries are sold, the guaranteed prize value will be equivalent to 65% of the total revenue actually received from competition entries (less administration fees). **There is a £0.25p admin fee that will be added to the basket at checkout.  This is a one-off fee per purchase and not per entry. Multiple products may make up the prize and there is only one winner per draw.

Descriptions of goods or services are accurate to the best of our knowledge. Images of goods or services shown are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product.  We do not warrant that product descriptions or other content on this site is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. We reserve the right to correct errors and omissions as soon as we become aware of them. The National Property Draw provides no warranty or guarantees with products unless expressly stated and it is the winner’s responsibility to check with the product manufacturer. The National Property Draw accepts no responsibility when it comes to the safety of goods/services.  It is the winner’s responsibility to satisfy themselves with the safety of goods/services.

In addition to the National Property Draws Terms & Conditions, there are also Competition Terms & Conditions for each competition which are set out below.


Sail Away Lifestyle Draw Competition Notice


Opening Date :

12.00 (GMT) on TBC


Closing Date :

The earlier of (i) 12.00 (GMT) on TBC or (ii) when the Maximum Number of Paid Entries have been received across all draws.
Please note that if the Maximum Number of Paid Entries for this competition has been received before the Closing Date, it will not be possible to purchase more entries.


Minimum Number of Paid Entries :

85,000 (eighty five thousand) paid entries received (and not rejected) by the Promoter.
This is the minimum number of paid entries for this competition that must be received by the Promoter for the full prize to be awarded.


Maximum Number of Paid Entries :

The first 100,000 (one hundred thousand) paid entries received (and not rejected) by the Promoter.


Price of Competition Entry :

£3.00 and an administration fee of £0.25p per transaction.


Lifestyle Prize :

Provided the Minimum Number of Paid Entries is met:
  • Cruise Holidays £120,000
  • Cash £80,000


Estimated Value of Lifestyle Prize :

Maximum of £200,000 based on the Minimum Number of Paid Entries. 

If the minimum number of paid entries for this competition is not met, the prize awarded will be equivalent to 65% of the total paid entries monetary value received by the Promoter (excluding administration fees).


NPD Nominated Charity :

SUPPORT DOGS LIMITED, a charity incorporated and registered in England with company number 04190624 whose registered charity number is 1088281 and having its registered office at i21 Jessops Riverside, Brightside Lane, Sheffield S9 2RX.


Charitable Donation :

The actual amount payable to the NDP Nominated Charity will depend on the number of paid entries received (and not rejected) by the Promoter. However, the amount will be either:
  • £35,000 if the Maximum Number of Paid Entries is met; or
  • Thirty-five per cent (35%) of total entry sales (not including administration fees) after the competition prize value (calculated in accordance with the applicable Competition terms and conditions) has been deducted.


Competition Terms & Conditions


  • Unless expressly stated The National Property Draw will make no holiday arrangements on behalf of the winner.
  • The winner can customize their cruise holiday up to the nominated value. 
  •  If the winner fails to spend the full amount of their cruise holiday with the nominated travel provider no cashback will be given for the remainder of funds.
  • The winner may choose to book more than one cruise with The National Property Draws nominated travel provider.
  • The nominated travel provider is ABTA & ATOL Accredited.
  • It’s the winner’s responsibility to take out travel insurance.
  • Your details will be passed to our nominated suppliers for them to contact you to arrange your holiday.



  • The winner must provide a UK registered bank account.
  • The bank account will be verified to transfer any cash prize directly to the winner.


*The prize values listed are estimated and are subject to a minimum of 85% of sales from available entries.

The guaranteed prize value for sales under 85% of available entries will be equivalent to 65% of the total revenue from sales achieved.

There is a £0.25p admin fee that will be added to the basket at checkout, this is a one-off fee that is applicable per purchase not per entry.

Multiple products make up the prize and only one winner per draw.